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Adirondack Central School District Opens Student-Based Health Center

Adirondack Central School District Opens Student-Based Health Center

The Adirondack Central School District is proud to announce the opening of its new Student-Based Health Center, which will cater to the healthcare needs of both Adirondack students and staff. This state-of-the-art facility, located on the school premises, aims to provide convenient and accessible healthcare services to the Adirondack students and staff.  

The Student-Based Health Center officially opened its doors on December 13, 2024, and has since been offering a range of medical services to students and staff. The center is staffed by a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the well-being and overall health of the Adirondack learning community.

To register for the services provided by the Student-Based Health Center, interested students and staff can visit the Adirondack webpage, where they will find all the necessary information and registration forms. The center offers a wide array of services, similar to services that are offered in our community Urgent Care facilities.  All Adirondack student health services are FREE of charge, with no out of pocket costs for Adirondack Central School Distict UPK-12 students. 

The Adirondack Central School District recognizes the importance of promoting a healthy learning environment for its students. By providing accessible healthcare services within the school premises, the district aims to eliminate barriers to healthcare and ensure that students can focus on their education without having to worry about their medical needs.

In addition to providing essential healthcare services, the Student-Based Health Center also aims to promote health education and prevention among students. The center will organize educational programs and workshops on various health topics, empowering students with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The opening of the Student-Based Health Center reflects the Adirondack Central School District's dedication to providing comprehensive support to its students and staff. By offering accessible healthcare services and promoting health education, the district aims to foster a nurturing environment that enables students to thrive both academically and personally.

For more information about the Student-Based Health Center and the services it offers, please visit the Adirondack webpage or contact the school district directly.