Transition Services

From an individual student perspective, the following is a series of events that may need to be considered during the student's transition process. All items will not be applicable to all students. The list is provided to serve as an optional planning tool.

Suggested Age Range

_____ Administer initial vocational assessment 12

_____ Discuss the following curriculum areas at IEP meetings:
Self-help skills
Self advocacy skills

_____ Develop and implement strategies to increase responsibilities and independence at home. 12-15

_____ Complete periodic vocational evaluations. 12-21

_____ Introduce & discuss Transition Services 14

_____ Notify parents that transition services will be incorporated into the IEP beginning at age 15 14

_____ Assure that copies of work-related documents are available:
Social security card
Birth certificate
Obtain working papers (if appropriate)

_____ Obtain parental consent so that the appropriate adult agency representative can be involved 14-16

_____ Develop transition component of IEP and annually thereafter 15+

_____ Discuss adult transition with CSE 15-21

_____ Consider summer employment/ volunteer experience 15-20

_____ Explore community leisure activities 15-21

_____ Consider the need for residential opportunities, including completing applications, as appropriate. 15-21

_____ Obtain personal ID card 16-18

_____ Obtain driver's training & license 16-18

_____ Develop Transportation/Mobility Strategies:
Independent Travel Skills Training
Public or Paratransit Transportation
Needs for Travel Attendant

_____ Investigate SSDI/SSI/Medicaid programs 16-18

_____ Consider guardianship or emancipation 16-18

_____ Develop & update employment plans 16-21

_____ Involve VESID/CBVH, as appropriate, within 2 years of school exit 16-21

_____ Research possible adult living situations 16-18

_____ Investigate post-school opportunities (further educational vocational training, college, military, etc.) 16-18

_____ Seek legal guardianship 18

_____ Apply for post-school college & other training programs 17-21

_____ Male students register for the draft. (No exceptions) 18

_____ Register to vote 18

_____ Review health insurance coverage: inform insurance company of son/daughter disability & investigate rider of continued eligibility 18

_____ Complete transition to employment, further education or training, and community living, affirming arrangements are in place for the following
1. Post-Secondary/Continuing Education

2. Employment

3. Legal/Advocacy

4. Personal Independence/Residential

5. Recreation/Leisure

6. Medical/Health

7. Counseling

8. Financial/Income

9. Transportation/Independent Travel Skills

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