NYS Graduation Requirements


Being College and Career Ready should not wait until your child reaches the Middle or High School.

Boonville Elementary believes that being College and Career Ready starts right here.

The building blocks for all academic content areas start in grades PK - 5. Students in elementary learn how to read, write, compute and analyze math. They receive background knowledge through stories and articles pertaining to important concepts and real world events through science and social studies. Students in the elementary develop their first passions for the Arts through classes in art, band, library, music, and technology allowing them to be creative and pursue their own interests.

Below are the New York State Diploma/ Graduation Requirements for your review. While they can be overwhelming, they are here to provide you a sense of the expectations our New York State Education Department sets forth to make sure our students are College or Career Ready. Please help us, help your child, begin his/her development of the foundational blocks needed to succeed.

New York State Diploma/Credential Requirements

The file below is a chart outlining the diploma and credential requirements currently in effect (March 2016). The chart is intended to provide an overview of the requirements and identify the student populations that have access to each type of diploma and non-diploma high school exiting credential. Websites are provided to offer specific regulatory requirements and more detailed information regarding the requirements for each diploma or credential.

NYS Graduation Requirements_ Updated March 2016