Adirondack Educational Foundation

A love for education in the Boonville area dates back to 1802 when Lydia Bulkley established the first school in a private home. As time went on, the education of students moved from one room school houses to centralized buildings. The district saw the most significant change in 1966 when Boonville, Forestport and West Leyden merged to create the Adirondack Central School District.

Through the years, the community has graciously supported the district in their endeavors and the advancement of Adirondack Central School students. The Adirondack Central School Educational Foundation was established in 2015 through the Northern New York Community Foundation and serves as an endowment fund designed to support programs, projects and initiatives benefiting the students of the district in perpetuity. The educational foundation is a charitable giving option for donors interested in making a thoughtful gift to broadly support the school in perpetuity.

To learn more about supporting Adirondack Central School through the educational foundation, please contact Sharon Cihocki, Business Administrator, at (315) 942-9200, ext. 1831.