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Oneida County Civil Service

Oneida County Civil Service is dedicated to recruiting and retaining the most qualified candidates for positions in our local government and outside public service agencies (public schools, towns, villages, libraries, fire districts, and special districts). Most positions fall under the Civil Service fitness and merit system. Different titles may have different minimum qualifications that one must meet at the time of application to be considered for a given exam and/or position. But with 27 departments within our local government and 69 outside public service agencies, the opportunities and field areas are endless to explore!

Civil Service Examinations

Oneida County Civil Service offers a variety of civil service examinations in numerous fields across the board. Field areas include, not limited to, clerical, information technology, maintenance, engineering, finance, payroll, human services, human resources, and more! Check out what is currently available by visiting:

Oneida County Government Vacancies

Oneida County has 27 departments within its local government. With roughly over 1,400 full-time and about 100 part-time positions, vacancies are always opening and closing that are both tested and non-tested. See what best fits you by:

Oneida County Public School Districts, Towns, Villages, Libraries, Fire Districts, and Special Districts

Oneida County has 69 outside civil divisions who also make up the rest of the public service. For a full listing of these agencies and what they have to offer, please visit:

E-mail Notifications

Want to stay up to date with what Oneida County Civil Service examinations and local government vacancies are out there? Sign up for e-mail notifications to be notified when an exam and/or vacancy is issued!

New York State Civil Service Openings/Positions

When filing your online application, please be advised that technical assistance is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please be advised that you will need a personal ID to apply for Department of Civil Service examinations. If you do not have a personal ID, please create an account

Examinations Open to the Public

21-015, Library Assistant 1

Promotion and Transition Examination Announcements

31-145, Associate Administrative Analyst31-086, Associate in Education Improvement Services

31-152, Biologist 2 (Aquatic)

31-153, Biologist 2 (Ecology)

31-154, Biologist 2 (Marine)

31-155, Biologist 2 (Wildlife)

31-156, Biologist 3 (Aquatic)

31-157, Biologist 3 (Ecology)

31-158, Biologist 3 (Marine)

31-159, Biologist 3 (Wildlife)

31-161, Environmental Program Specialist 2

31-162, Environmental Program Specialist 2 (Natural Resources)

31-106, Food Programs Evaluation Specialist 2

31-088, Library Assistant 1

31-089, Library Assistant 2

31-142, Vulnerable Persons Protection Specialist 2

31-143, Vulnerable Persons Protection Specialist 3

Continuous Recruitment Examinations

The Department also accepts applications for most continuous recruitment examinations on an ongoing basis, with no application deadline.

HELP Program No Examinations Required

Looking for a career that matters?

The Hiring for Emergency Limited Placement (HELP) Program temporarily removes the civil service exam requirement for more than 150 direct care, health and human services titles across State agencies for a 12-month period. To be eligible for jobs in the HELP program, candidates must meet the jobs’ minimum qualifications and any other conditions of employment. Candidates should visit the HELP Jobs Portal and use the candidate portal to apply for jobs in the HELP program.

Since launching the HELP Program in April 2023, we have hired nearly 7,000 New Yorkers to these critical roles. In May 2024, we will be launching an expanded program, NY HELPS, to streamline hiring of all open-competitive positions. Some agencies are already posting jobs as part of NY HELPS. To view open jobs, please visit State Jobs. To narrow your search to NY HELPS jobs, click on “For the General Public”, then “Vacancies”, and enter “NY HELPS” in the search field.

All Exam Fees Waived! Please note that civil service exam application fees are now waived for all New York State civil service exams through December 2025.