** ALL Requests for Changes to student pick-up/drop-off please call (315) 942-9200 - ext. 5600 **

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the Transportation Department.

Safety is Our First Priority

Because your child's safety is our business, it is essential that students behave appropriately while riding the school bus. Any student whose conduct is unacceptable may be suspended from school transportation.

Parents/guardians and children should have a procedure to follow in the event of an emergency early dismissal.

Children should know what to do if they come home early and find no one there. Please be sure to make prior arrangements for the care of younger children if no adult will be home during the day. Please send notes to school for alternative drop-off locations.

No student K-3 will be dropped off without an adult visible at the door or window.

Contact Information

8181 State Route 294
Boonville, NY 13309
Phone: (315) 942-9200 - ext. 5600
Fax: (315) 942-6353

Jennifer Badaracco
(315) 942-9200 - ext. 5601

Wendy Page
(315) 942-9200 - ext. 5602

Jim Ingersoll
Head Mechanic
(315) 942-9200 - ext. 5603